Gustavo Vargas


I am a sport lover from Spain. Sports always played a central role in my life. As a kid football was my favourite sport, but when I grew up I also started to practice swimming, skiing and running. 8 years ago running became my passion and I started to take it more seriously and trained very hard to improve myself.

The ambition to improve my running skills made me curious about how the human body works and the sports science behind it. Therefore these last years I acquired extensive knowledge and experience about sport, exercise and workouts that could help me not just to be a better athlete but also a mentally and physically healthier person.

Last year I decided to share my knowledge and experience and help others so I became a NASM certified personal trainer. I am a huge fan of functional training and the way this can help you to improve your physical condition doing exercise and on a day to day basis.


Training is more than just doing exercise, let me guide you in improving your life style structurally.